Transform How You Work: The Must-Have DIY Tools for Modern Professionals

Whether you’re a committed DIYer or a professional tradesperson, the tools you bring to bear on any given problem will tend to determine the quality of your final results. If you’ve ever tried to work on a problem with substandard tools, then you might understand what a difference quality makes.

There are certain tools which make a bigger difference than others for most people in most situations. This is the essential core of equipment, around which you might add just a few extra specialist devices.

Why should DIYers be up to date with tools?

There are certain tools that are targeted firmly at DIYers, and others that are built for professionals. If you’re only using the tool a few times a year, then the difference between the two might not be palpable. It’s only when the strain begins to rachet up that we see the stark difference start to manifest.

If you’re thinking about making a transition from the world of DIY to the world of the professional tradesperson, then the investment in quality might be one worth making. 

But exactly which tools are worth investing in?

Cordless drill

A cordless drill is a tool that no household can really do without. If you want to wall-mount a television, hang a set of shelves, or do some basic joinery, then the right drill will serve you extremely capably. 

You can also use a drill to drive screws – but an electric screwdriver or an impact driver will tend to do the job much better. Invest in both a drill and a driver, and you’ll quickly see the difference between the two.

Random Orbital Sander

Sanding can be an extremely laborious job. But it’s an essential one if you want to get a smooth finish on walls and woodwork.  Random orbital sanders will move across a surface without conforming to any predictable pattern – which means that you won’t be able to see any streaks when you take a step back to admire your work.


Among the most versatile tools available is the multi-tool. It can cut holes in plasterboard, it can grind away at metalwork, and it can even remove grout. Best yet, these devices are extremely safe, since they aren’t typically capable of cutting your hand. 

When looking for a multi-tool, it’s best to shop for a quality brand. This is, after all, a tool that you’ll be getting a lot of use from. A Milwaukee multi-tool will tend to deliver superior results, and last for several years.

Table Saw

For woodworkers, the table saw is arguably the most versatile piece of equipment available. You’ll be able to break down sheet timber, and to make cuts in every direction.