Tyceno Biography, Wiki, Age, Nationality, Family, Occupation and Net Worth

Sharaz is a streamer on Twitch and also a Youtuber. He became a Twitch partner in 2017. He primarily plays NBA 2K, but he also plays other games such as Battle Royale, MyPark, and Fortnite.

Profile Summary

Full Name/Nickname Sharaz Aslam/Tyceno
Date of Birth September 25, 1996 (26 years)
Gender Male
Nationality New Zealand
Occupation YouTuber, Twitch streamer
Net Worth $1 Million

Early Years of Tyceno

Tyceno is a 24-year-old actor who was born on September 25, 1996. Tyceno was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and he is a Libra. He hasn’t revealed anything about his parents, siblings, or any family members. Tyceno has likewise been silent about his schooling experiences. However, given his age, we may infer Tyceno is a university student unless he opted to take a vacation or quit his education early in order to concentrate on his work.

Tyceno Biography Wiki Age Nationality Family Occupation And Net Worth

Professional Life of Tyceno


Tyceno works as a social media star for a living. He is mostly a YouTube video maker as well as a Twitch broadcaster. On these websites, he plays NBA 2K games and Fortnite Battle Royale. Tyceno has also earned money in NBA 2K tournaments. He’s also amassed over 800,000 YouTube followers by playing the game mode MyPark and uploading a variety of videos.

NBA 2K is a video game franchise that is published once a year. This game is based on the NBA and is played online. Users may also play single games, seasons, or build their own players in this game.Tyceno became a Twitch partner later that year. Tyceno also obtained a job typing up court cases at the age of 18 instead of going to university. He despised his work and resigned. At the young age of 20, he did so in order to pursue YouTube full-time. Tyceno, meanwhile, launched an Instagram account called @mambamotivation. He posts a lot of photographs that a lot of NBA players appreciate and share.

On his @mambamotivation Instagram account, Tyceno also often shares quotations from Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and other NBA players, as well as other celebrities. Tyceno’s net worth is estimated to be over $350,000 dollars, which he may make from his Youtube and Twitch games, collaborations, and partnerships, among other things.Tyceno has collaborated on videos with a number of TikTok celebrities and social media personalities. He also started a YouTube channel to supplement his income and posted Twitch videos to his Instagram feed. People began to notice him as a result of his original ideas and game-playing habit.

Many of his admirers like looking at his photos and videos. Tyceno’s name and career have been immediately enhanced as a result of his collaboration with other TikTok superstars. Tyceno is a YouTube personality who has a lot of impact. He is one of the 3000 most well-known YouTube celebrities.

 Relationship Status of Tyceno

Tyceno is thought to be dating his fellow streamer AngelMelly. In April 2021, Tyceno’s girlfriend tweeted that she and Tyceno were still together and that she was not pregnant. This was in response to the rumour that had been going around the internet that she was pregnant and that she and Sharaz had gone their separate ways.

Physical Features of Tyceno

Tyceno is a tall man, standing around 5 feet 6 inches tall (168cm). He is of a fair skin colour with has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.


Tyceno Social Media Visibility

Tyceno joined Twitter in August 2016 and now has over 163.9K followers on his @therealtyceno account. On Instagram, he’s known as @therealtyceno. At the time of writing this biography, this account had 7 posts shared and over 60.6k followers (September 2020).

On August 6, 2016, Tyceno launched his own YouTube channel with the same name. This channel now has over 925K subscribers and has over 143.9 million views. He has a Twitch account as well. On this streaming service, his handle is @tyceno, and he now has over 408K followers. For further information, we may reach out to him at

Tyceno Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Tyceno is 1 million dollars approximately.


The Twitch internet personality, Tyceno’s first formal job was typing up court cases when he was 18 years old. He didn’t like the job, so he decided to quit and do YouTube and Twitch full-time instead. He started a YouTube channel where he posts NBA 2K videos in August 2016.

Tyceno has won NBA 2K competitions many times, which has attracted both fame and monetary rewards his way.


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