Tyler Roby Pippen happens to be the daughter of the former American basketball player, Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr.

Who is Tyler Roby Pippen?

Tyler Pippen was born on July, 20th 1994. She is the daughter of Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr., and was also a twin to Taylor. She died tragically in the hospital nine days after her birth. Her father who denied paternity of the twins agreed to pay for an insurance after a DNA test proved otherwise.

Tyler Robby Pippen Biography Age Nationality Parent And Cause Of Her Death
Tyler Robby parent

Who is Tyler Roby Pippen’s Father?

Tyler’s father is Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr., and he played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for 17 years and won six championships with the Chicago Bulls. Pippen and Michael Jordan played a significant role in making the Bulls a champion team and popularizing the NBA globally in the 1990s.

One of the greatest small forwards of all time, Pippen was selected eight times in a row to the NBA All-Defensive First Team and three times to the All-NBA First Team.


Taylor is the second oldest of the seven twin brother of Tyler Roby Pippen who was born on July 20, 1994, but tragically died in the hospital nine days after her birth.

Her father, Pippen initially denied the paternity of the twin girls with ex-girlfriend Sonya Roby, but a DNA test proved otherwise. He agreed to pay the outstanding medical bills and provide insurance, although Roby retained full custody.


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