Types of Glass to Look for When Buying Windows Oshawa

It can be hard to know what kind of glass for your windows Oshawa are best for your home. Glass is important in any kind of structure due to its effects on energy efficiency, insulation, and decorative impact. Knowing the wide variety of glass and what they do for your windows and doors Oshawa can make a huge difference in your home.

The following blog will explain different types of glass so that you can figure out the best kind of glass for your windows Oshawa.

1. Float Glass

One of the most common ways to make glass involves floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal. This method is popular because the resulting glass is super clear and can be used in many different ways for various purposes. Its clarity and versatility make it a go-to choice for different industries and applications, including windows Oshawa.

2. Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is famous for being super strong and safe. They put it through a special heat treatment that makes it tough by cooling it down really fast. This process creates strong surface compression. So, when tempered glass breaks, it doesn’t shatter into dangerous shards like regular glass. Instead, it breaks into small, safer pieces, reducing the chance of serious injury. Common building rules often require using tempered glass for big windows, sliding doors, and areas where the glass could break easily.

3. Laminated Glass:

Laminated glass is made up of a couple of layers with a special plastic piece in between. This combination makes it more safe and secure. It stays together instead of falling apart if it “breaks,” which is great for the safety of your windows and doors Oshawa. It also helps keep things quieter inside by blocking out some of the noise from outside.

4. Low-E (Low Emissivity) Glass:

There’s a thin layer of metal on the glass to help keep heat from moving through, which makes things more energy efficient. This layer sends the heat back to where it came from instead of letting it pass through, which helps keep things cooler inside.

5. Tinted Glass

Tinted glass earns gets its color by mixing in special colorants while it’s being made. It also serves functional purposes like reducing glare, blocking harmful UV rays, and offering a bit more privacy wherever it’s used.

6. Obscured Glass

Obscured glass is designed to let light in while keeping things private. It’s made using techniques like acid etching or textured patterns to blur the view without blocking brightness. This type of glass is good for areas where you want both light and privacy.

  1. Annealed Glass

Annealed glass goes through a controlled cooling process that reduces stress and boosts durability compared to regular float glass. However, it forms sharp shards when it breaks, so it needs careful handling.

  1. Wire Glass

Wire glass has a network of heat-resistant wires, making it fire-resistant and secure. It’s commonly used in places like hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings. It won’t break into dangerous shards even under high pressure from a firefighter’s hose.

9. Insulated Glass

Insulated glass consists of two or more panes separated by a gas-filled space, providing improved insulation against heat, cold, and noise.

10. Mirrored Glass

Mirrored glass creates a mirror-like look by coating one side of the glass with a metal layer protected by the sealant. They’re often used to decorate walls and interiors and can double up as mirrors in bathrooms or living rooms.

11. Heat – Strengthened Glass

Already annealed windows and doors, Oshawa glass undergoes a reheating process above 1200 degrees before being cooled, which doubles its toughness. However, it’s not as strong as tempered glass because it cools down more slowly. Even though it’s more durable than some other types of glass, it can still break into sharp shards. It’s not commonly used for exterior windows Oshawa unless it’s laminated for added safety.