5 Different Types of kiss and Their Meaning

Types of kiss

All day long, whether at home, at work or even on the street, when you meet a person for whom you hold yourself in high esteem, you are sure to give or receive at least one kiss from them.  It can be on the cheek or the back of the hand… But did you know that each types of kiss has its own meaning?.


Here is types  of kiss and their Meaning

#1. The kiss on the lips

kiss on the lips

This one is special because you normally get it from one person.  This kiss means that you are intimate with the person to whom you are kissing, and who gives you that kiss on your lips.

#2. The kiss on the forehead

That kiss is a sign of protection.  Whoever gives you a kiss on the forehead is actually telling you that you have his protection.  It’s usually the husband who does it to his wife or a father to his daughter.

#3. The kiss on the cheek

kiss on the cheek

This kiss is simply a sign of friendly affection.  Among friends, colleagues, relatives we usually get this kind of kiss.

#4. The kiss on the neck

kiss on the neck

The kiss on the neck just means “I want you.  You turn me on and stuff”.  Usually, when you do that kiss, it often means that you are about to get serious.

#5. The kiss on the back of the hand

kiss on the back of the hand

It’s a way of telling you that he has succumbed to your charm and that you are irresistible.  Basically, he loves you.


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