UK Government Hits Hard On Chelsea Football Club Board With Sanctions.

After Chelsea owner Roman Abrahamovich announced his intentions to sell the club due to the threat from the UK Government who believes he his an ally of the Russian president , the government have now decided to prevent the club owner from selling the club as well as the club performing it normal football duties.

The government announced that the club can no longer sell out players, buy new players, agree new contracts, sell club merchandise or even selling the club . They can only continue to play matches, receive broadcast money, and allow season ticket holders to watch games. The club will still hold its sporting licence but it would be deprived of it commercial activities. In the words of the official of the UK Government he said ” I know this bring some uncertainty, but the government will work with the club and league to ensure football is being played while sanctions hit those intended to”.

The club sponsors three have also cancelled their forty million euros sponsorship deal .


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