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Unfoonk Biography

Unfoonk is a rapper from the United States who is best known for his songs Unsafe and Mob Ties from the album “11 Years No Tears.”

Unfoonk has since elected to go by the stage name “Unfoonk” instead of his real name.

Because of his personal narrative, the rapper has become a trending topic on the internet.


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He is presently signed to the YSL record company, where his album “My Struggle” was released.

Unfoonk was condemned to 11 years in prison but was released after serving 11 years, despite the fact that he has not said why he was imprisoned.

Unfoonk Career

One of Unfoonk album, Unfoonk — seen on the eighth melody “Real” with his more youthful sibling Young Thug. Unfoonk not just held is own on the track with the trap legend, yet he gave a very good verse, tossing his name into hip-hop discussions short-term.

Unfoonk was additionally remembered for the Slime Language 2 grand rendition on the melody “Horde Ties (Remix)” with Young Thug, Future and 24Heavy. Both of these exhibitions made Unfoonk a name to pay special attention to.

Unfoonk’s initial vocation was wrecked when he went to jail to carry out a prison sentence punishment in 2008. While detained, his sibling, the blooming rapper Young Thug, had guaranteed him he would figure out how to get him delivered. Subsequent to committing cash and assets to this reason, Unfoonk was released eleven years after the fact in late-2019, quickly beginning to make music.

Unfoonk Age

The rapper is around 35/36 years of age, although he has not revealed his actual age, this figure is only estimated.

After spending 11 years in jail, he should be in his 30s as of 2021.

Unfoonk Family

Unfoonk’s younger brother, Young Thug, is often credited by the rapper for assisting him in his release from prison in 2019.

It’s unclear why Unfoonk was apprehended and sentenced to life in jail.

Unfoonk discussed how he spent eleven years of a life sentence in jail before being released, which his younger brother helped to reverse, during a recent interview with Atlanta radio presenter B High. “What the heck did I do?” Unfoonk wondered, reflecting on how he felt when he was trapped behind the walls while his brother soared to new heights. “I’m not going to trip out like that.” Because I had a phone, I got a call one day from [Thug], who said, ‘Ay, Brian is still your lawyer.’ ‘All right,’ I say. And there’s the best lawyer in town right there. ‘That’s your lawyer,’ he says. You’re on your way back. ‘I’m telling you, you’ll be back.’That was in the year 2017. ‘You’ll be home in two years,’ Brian said when I spoke with him. I returned home exactly two years later. I had a life sentence, but I served eleven [years] and was released.”

Unfoonk has a fascinating story to tell, and we’re looking forward to hearing him elaborate on it in the coming months. Swipe down to hear him discuss how Thug aided him.

Unfoonk Girlfriend

Unfoonk has never been married and is now single. He is solely concerned with his musical profession.

He hasn’t made any announcements or given any indications about his girlfriend.

Unfoonk Networth

Unfoonk’s net worth is unknown.

Because Unfoonk has been out of the music industry for 11 years, his net worth has yet to be calculated.

The rapper and musician, on the other hand, is now performing well, and his net worth will be revealed soon.


Unfoonk is a skilled rapper that is signed to YSL Records and has a thriving career.

He is the brother of Young Thug, an American rapper who aided him in his release from prison.

He was condemned to life in jail but was released after 11 years, despite the fact that the reason for his punishment is unknown.