5 Ways To Declare Your Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and you’re dying to tell him how you feel.  The only catch? You don’t know where to start, how to find the right words or how to faithfully convey your feelings to her.  It’s a good thing the Team is here to give you the best tips on how to get there.

1. An anonymous Giftanonymous gift


Are you shy?  Afraid of discovering yourself?  Don’t let Boy/Girl get you down.  You can confess your feelings anonymously and let your crush know that you have it in your heart.  Find out secretly about his or her tastes, preferences.  Take your time to choose the perfect gift.  Jewellery, chocolates?  Make him/her happy.  Add a word to his or her attention, and let your pen describe the scope of your feelings.  Hopefully for you that he or she isn’t already in a relationship, they may respond favourably to your feelings.

2. A candlelight dinner

candlelight dinner

A classic!  Good old-fashioned candlelight dinner gives you the advantage of staging.  It’s up to you to choose the ideal place and decorate it according to your wishes (or rather the way your sweetheart would like it to be), in order to make this place magical.  The colour red, the colour of love, lends itself well to this.  Small scented candle and rose petals, show her the big game and blindfold her before revealing the place.  You will see the magic of Valentine’s Day at work.

3. A Song


Why don’t you dedicate a Wanda Boy/Girl song to her?  It is a fact that music is one of the greatest vectors of emotion.  If God has endowed you with the voice of an angel, now is the time to sing of love.  Organize a surprise, prepare a scene and even a teasing outfit.  You’ll give your man, Wanda Girls, more emotions than you can imagine.

4 Host a date night

date night

Finally why not spice things up by planning a romantic date night, Be spontaneous by picking a location and dressing up in your best outfit. show off and show out, allow them to know that you simply are proud  to have them and have a fun relaxing time faraway from the day-to-day norms.

5. Love letter/Poem

Love letter

Where are the romantics?  This method is recommended to all those who have the soul of an artist, an ease for writing and live a long-distance relationship.  So know right away, Boy/Girl, that you must absolutely avoid erasures, spelling mistakes and abbreviations.  “Jtm bb”, to be thrown away.  Well written and, above all, open-heartedly written, a letter hits the nail on the head almost every time it’s written.


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