Video: A Man Beats His Wife For Starting A Small Business Without Her Consent



A Nigerian woman has been brutally assaulted by her husband for starting a small business without his consent.

According to a report by activist Landa who posted the incident on Instagram, the battered woman revealed that her husband has a habit of closing his goods in the toilet, while he still does not provide for the family.


A shocking video that Went viral on social media shows the swollen face of the woman, who is in her 50s.

According to @tanteLanda who shared it on her Instagram page, this is what she wrote:

“It’s so heartbreaking that a partner…who is supposed to protect her…beat her up so badly…just because she insists on doing the business….


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“She claims that her husband always stops her from doing the business.

Every time she starts doing something, the husband doesn’t give her anything for the children and eventually he ends up locking her goods in the toilet. He ended up beating her when she claimed her goods and while he was beating her, their dog bit her on the leg.

The neighbors rushed her to the hospital and the aftermath of the prescribed medication is swollen eyes.

It’s frustrating that some victims of domestic violence…tend to go back to their abusers…without making sure they got help. “

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