VIDEO: A Man Cause Stir Online, After Storming His Father’s Funeral With A Lion

A businessman  becomes trending topic of the day on social media after a video showing how he stormed his father’s funeral in Anambra state, Nigeria with a lion – yes, a real lion. 

The video momentarily captures the surprising time the man carried the wild beast in his arms as he walked among mourners and well-wishers, some of whom were struck with fear.


It remains to be determined what motivated the man to cause this scene or if his action has spiritual significance.

Watch the video below:

How Nigerian’s  Reacted to the Video: 
See as the cub just Dey gentle and meek like a cat…omo if e grow sha..I hope it doesn’t end in tears..anybody know where I fit see small lion buy?.


Indians bring elephants to their weddings and ceremonies. I really don’t see the fuss about him carrying a life lion to an event. Abeg make una leave my people alone jare. We have a lot to worry about in Nigeria and not a titled man doing what gives him joy.


If that lion fall from that guy hand the man fit get heart attack… if you know you know (Nollywood).


So them one kill the lion? These people spend so much for for the dead and spend less for the living, i wonder if the man was well taken care of while he was alive .


Imagine if someone juss use elbow do mistake jam lion fr head simba go con turn savage and them go dey use caption like PET KILLS OWNER REASON UNKNOWN.


Some people get mind ooo, me immediately I see the  for the party na to run for my life.


😂😂 omo we joke too much in this country. It’s the guy carrying the lion for me 😂😂.

 like Seriously  😒 😂

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