VIDEO: Omah Lay chastises a lady for not singing or dancing at his concert

Omah Lay, a fast-rising Nigerian artist, was caught on camera berating a female fan for not actively participating in his show.

The Godly crooner, who has been on a worldwide music tour since September 27th, recently performed in Texas, United States.


The artist performed a mind-blowing performance for the audience, but Omah Lay saw a lady who was not participating while everyone else was singing along and loving the occasion.

He told the DJ to turn off the music, then pointed to the lady and said he didn’t want to see her there.

He then inquired as to whether the lady disliked his song or whether she had not come to meet him. She replied with an inaudible explanation. Omah Lay, on the other hand, insisted on leaving the front row.

You Can Watch the Video Below;



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