Watch Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Leaked Viral Video Trends On Youtube & Reddit

An intimate video of Pastor Dwayne Dawkins with another man has gone viral on social media, leaving netizens shocked. The New York native is known for being a pastor and missionary teacher. He is also married to Tamia Dawkins, leaving the internet astonished with the explicit video of him being with another man appearing online.

As the clip began circulating online, many took to believing that Dwayne Dawkins was homosexual. However, the pastor has never stated so.

Who Is Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?


Pastor Dwayne Dawkins is the founder of DHDawkins Ministeries, He is a Florida based pastor and also the lead pastor at praise international Church in Florida formerly called Church of God of West Broward.

Dawkins graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education from SUNY Old Westbury. He also graduated with a Masters in Professional Studies in Urban Ministry from Alliance Theological Seminary.

The pastor has since taught in the New York School System for eight years and also served as an advisor for college student organizations.

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Video

Detectmind reported that Dawkins was recording a podcast as the video went viral on social media. The devoted minister unintentionally discussed homosexuality on his podcast, leading to many making assumptions about his sexuality.

At the time of writing this article, Dawkins had not addressed the viral video. The man in the clip with the pastor remains unknown as well.

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Personality?

Dwayne Dawkins has been known to be a charismatic, eloquent, and free-spirited leader ready to serve. Praise Tabernacle states that he has a dynamic personality and “exudes a genuine care, love, and concern for all of God’s people.”

The ministry he founded claims to go beyond religious preaching and into the sectors of medicine, psychology, humanitarianism, education, finances, government, and more.

The minister also served as the Senior Pastor of Praise Tabernacle International in the city of Fort Lauderdale in 2006.

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Family

Pastor Dwayne is married to Tamia Dawkins. The couple share three kids, D.H. Dawkins II, Daryn Nathaneal Dawkins, and Dathyn Declyn Dawkins.

Dwayne Dawkins was inspired by his great-grandparents and was brought up in a Christian household. He has been going to the ministry since he was 14 years old and has since been ministering.

Dawkins has been the president of over 21 youth groups at the Eastern New York Assembly, which practices under the Churches of God State Youth’s Organization.

He was taught by his spiritual father and apolitical representative Bishop Timothy Clark from Columbus, Ohio.


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