5 Things Not To Do After Your Wedding

A love affair without a ring on your finger gives both lovebirds more flexibility in their habits. But once you’ve put the ring on, there are five behaviors you should reconsider.


1 Self-centeredness

You should stop trying to be right every time. Getting married means you’re willing to compromise when you’re not on the same page.

2 Sleeping outside


Leaving the marital home to sleep over at a friend’s house is no longer an option. Unless you’ve told your partner and she agrees.

3 Ask single friends for advice

Single friends have no idea what it’s like to be in a relationship. Try to solve the problem between you instead.

4 Have dinner one-on-one with the opposite sex

Try to avoid this. It is true that it could be for professional reasons or with an old friend, in this case warn her, why not invite her?


5 Post sexually provocative photos on social networks

Posting semi-nude photos on social media is a way to get men’s attention. If you are married, there is no question of doing this anymore.



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