What Became Of Rod Wave, Is He Dead Or Alive?

What Became Of Rod Wave Is He Dead Or Alive

Who Is Rod Wave?

Rodarius Marcell Green, more commonly known by the stage name Rod Wave is one of the rappers who made name for himself at such a young age. At just 22 he has already released a few albums. Making a name for oneself would mean that they would also have to face the rumor mill, and Rod Wave is no stranger to rumors, especially those concerning his death.

What Became Of Rod Wave Is He Dead Or Alive

Rod Wave

Was Rod Wave Shot, Is He Still Alive?

Another big question or concern of fans of Rod Wave has to do with rumors that he was shot. He was not shot and has never been shot amidst trends consoling him. The speculation that Rod Wave died, began on November on Twitter after a user tweeted out a conspiracy theory predicting his death.

The user used gematria to evidence their theory for death. Gematria is a Hebrew code used to pair letters with numbers and used Judaism, but is often used by Illuminati conspiracy theorists too. In this case, they used the code to link the code outcome of the Rod Wave with the number of days in the year left on November 23rd. At 21 years old, the rapper has 3.1m Instagram followers under the handle @rodwave.


Yes, Rod Wave is very much alive, though there are a number of speculations about his death that was spread on various social media sites. In fact, it is these voracious rumors that resulted in the question is Rod Wave alive to be asked frequently and end up as one of the most trending questions.