What Does Kumala Savesta mean

While the opening of the song “Kumala Kumala Savesta” is about a skit of a guy being harassed in jail by his cellmate mates.

What Does The Memes Kumalala Savesta Means
What Does The Memes Kumalala Savesta Means

Kumalala Savesta, also known as Kumala Savesta, Kumalala Kumalala Savesta or Kumalala vs. Savesta, is a TikTok song and sound that went viral on the platform after a slowed + reverb remix was uploaded in early 2022. The song was inspired by a Kervo Dolo TikTok about how dudes get bullied in prison. The hip-hop song was used in multiple skits in April 2022. In May, TikTokers began portraying “Kumalala” and “Savesta” as two fictional rivals battling against each other in Kumalala vs. Savesta videos.

The song was initially a skit of 36 seconds skit by singer Karvo Dolo when he is bulled by an of his cellmates in jail. The 36 seconds of the video and the concept of being badgered into doing stuff not to get bullied is the central meme that is in trend.

Who Originated the Meme, Kumala Savesta?

In a humorous sense, re-enacting the skit in the original music video of one person being bullied by a group of people has become the meme of Kumala Savesta.

While the creator Kervo Dolo is the originator of the skit, the credit for popularity goes to Youtuber Metzi, who induced the slow and reverb version of Kumala Savesta. 


Metzi gained more than 100 thousand views over four months. The song’s popularity eventually shifted to TikTok, and the famous TikToker Yvngxgxaup is to be given credit for the music.


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