What Happened To Keyona Griffin?

Keyona Griffin is an American-born victim of a home massacre. She became famous for her call to 911 regarding the gruesome murder of her aunt and her prospective murder on 13 March 2019. Unfortunately, despite the act of bravery, she died before the police arrived at the scene.

What Happened To Keyona Griffin
Keyona Griffin

Who is Keyona?

She was a 25-year-old girl born on 8 March 1994 to Ongah Griffin in the United States of America. She has an American nationality of Afro-American descent. The once free-spirited girl was raised alongside a brother named Stanford Cummings ll.

The Crime Incident In Detail


The crime incident which took Keyona Griffin’s life and that of her 45-year-old aunt Cherletta Baber-Bay happened in an apartment at 533 Sheldon Avenue SE. The controversial event has caused a lot of stir among many people. This is predicated on the circumstances surrounding the actions of the police to the deceased’s call and the ability to apprehend the prime suspect Derrell Demon Brown for years.


The horrific family murder occurred on 13 March 2019 at 553 Sheldon Avenue SE in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States of America. Keyona Griffin called the authorities to report an ongoing crime scene where her aunt was a victim of death. Three Grand Rapid Police officers arrived at the apartment seven minutes and four seconds after Keyona Griffin’s call with the dispatcher. They had a bodycam on to show they couldn’t get into the house or have any contact with anyone on arrival. They left three minutes and forty-two seconds after several failed attempts to access the apartment. At about two hours and eighteen minutes later, another call was made from the same house by Keyona’s brother Sanford Cummings ll on the report of the murder scene.


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