What Happened To Paula Newsome’s Leg and How Does She Walk Now?

Paula Newsome is an actress who has been recognized from her plethora of roles over the years, including Women’s Murder Club, Guess Who, NCIS, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Things We Lost in the Fire. However, one of her most notable current roles is the one she holds on to CSI: Vegas. Paula’s impressive career speaks for itself, and she brings so much to the table in her respective roles. However, fans of Paula have recently been concerned about her health, her leg in particular.

What Happened To Paula Newsomes Leg And How Does She Walk Now
Paula Newsome

What Is Wrong with Paula Newsome’s Legs?

The reason Paula’s fans believe she’s struggling with a health condition is that they’ve noticed her walking with a limp outside of her onscreen roles.


Although Paula walks with a slight limp at red carpet appearances and other major events, viewers won’t be able to notice it in any episodes of CSI: Vegas. Due to the way the show is filmed, Paula’s stride isn’t ever homed in on for people to pay attention to.

There is no indication of whether Paula Newsome has a limp or not. Many people have noticed the CSI actress walking as if she has a limp or something over the internet. Various rumours and theories of her walk have been floating on the internet.

However, it is not clear why she is walking that way. There isn’t any news article that has picked up a story on her unusual walk. We went through her Instagram but could not find any post to clarify this matter further.

So, as of now, her reason behind the limp remains a complete mystery. Since Paula hasn’t publicly spoken up about her health, it’s safe to assume that she is doing just fine, which means fans can continue looking out for her in episodes of CSI: Vegas.



Paula is excellent and healthy, as evident from the latest episode of CSI: Vegas. There isn’t any news that has mentioned anything about the CSI: Vegas actress’s illness or disease. Neither she has disclosed any such health reports to the public.

The rumours of her well-being started when people noticed her unusual walk in the show. The reason behind her unusual walk is yet to be disclosed. It is still unclear whether she has some medical condition what she is doing for the show.

Maxime Roby’s character mentions having a knee injuring while playing basketball. So, there is a high possibility that Newsome might be playing a character while a limp. However, it could be Paula’s unusual gait rather than a limp.


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