What is Jesse James Keitel Gender By Birth?

Who is Jesse James Keitel?

Jesse James Keitel is an American actress, writer, and artist. Jesse is from Long Island and graduated from Pace University with a BFA in Acting in 2015. Jesse is known for starring in Asher Jelinsky’s award-winning short film Miller & Son (2019), the ABC crime drama Big Sky (2020) and on Queer as Folk. Keitel was born and raised in Long Island, but Keitel now call New York City home. Jesse lives there, work there, and spend a lot of time there. It’s a magical city whether you live there or you just visit a few times a year.

What is Jesse James Keitel Gender?

In 2020, Keitel was described as a non-binary and transgender actor “who uses she/her and they/them pronouns”. As of 2022, she identifies as a transgender woman and uses she/her pronouns.


Keitel prefers to be seen as non-binary. The dictionary meaning behind the word is (adjective) “not relating to, composed of, or involving just two things,” which is essentially what it means in this relation, too. It means that they do not consider themselves just a he or just a she. They are who they are, which is why those who consider themselves non-binary prefer to be called them or they rather than he or she.

Career Path of Jesse James Keitel

In 2019, Keitel starred in the world premiere of Martin Moran’s play Theo at Two River Theatre in 2019. Keitel also starred in Miller & Son (2019), which won the BAFTA Student Film Award and Gold Medal for “Best Narrative” (Domestic) at the 2019 Student Academy Awards. Jesse played the leading role in the 2020 MadRiver Pictures sci-fi series, Forever Alone. Keitel also appeared in Linda Yellen’s 2019 Showtime feature film Fluidity, starring Nico Tortorella. In 2022, Keitel debuted the role of Ruthie in Peacock’s Queer As Folk.

Keitel has performed in drag under the pseudonym Peroxide, a member of the House of Femanon. As Peroxide Femanon, Jesse has appeared in Logo TV’s Fill In The Blank docuseries and in Sasha Velour’s NYFW SS19 collaboration with Opening Ceremony.

Beginning in 2020, Keitel starred as Jerrie Kennedy in the David E. Kelley-created crime thriller Big Sky, which made her one of the first non-binary actors to play a non-binary series regular on primetime television. In 2022, Keitel appeared in an episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, playing a non-binary villain. In an interview, Keitel said of the role: “I understand that queer people have had a really long and complicated history with TV and film, and they’ve been very mistreated in the media….that being said, I think it’s high time we let queer people be villains, you know?”


Keitel is famous for television creations, and seen as the brain behind “Boston Legal,” “The Practice,” “Ally McBeal,” “Big Little Lies,” and so many others. Jesse is a creative genius and has created a new show for ABC called “Big Sky. It’s all about crime and drama, and it’s starring Jesse James Keitel. Keitel is an actor and a writer, an artist, and the new lead in the show.


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