What Is Manu Rios Sexuality, Is He Gay?

Manuel Rios Fernandez, popularly known as Manu Rios He was born in Spain to parents Manoli and Julian on 17th December 1998. He has an older brother named Josemy. He lives in Calzada Calatrava, Spain. He stands at about 5’9” tall.

Manu is a YouTube star, vlogger, an artist and he was the semi-finalist on the show Tú sí que vales. He is also recognized for taking part in the TV show Cántame cómo pasó.

What is Manu Rios Sexual Orientation?


Rios’ sexual orientation is currently under scrutiny, as claims that he is gay are being made. Unfortunately, there is no solid evidence to corroborate or refute the endless rumours.

People began to speculate about his sexuality as a result of his work on the television series Elite. Rios played Patrick in Season 4 of the Netflix show, who is part of same-sex trouble with the show’s other characters Ander and Omar.

What Is Manu Rios Sexuality Is He Gay
Manu Rios

Rios’ character has a same-sex connection with Ander and Omar after enrolling as a new student at his school, Las Encinas. Patrick, played by Rios, falls in love with Ander at first and then gradually moves into a relationship with Omar. The three characters eventually find themselves in a three-way sexual relationship. Season four of Elite premiered in 2021, however, speculation about his sexual orientation began in 2017 as a result of the actor’s tweets.

Rios addressed the issue via Twitter, emphasizing his argument by naming those who upset others by calling them gay “sad.” Earlier that year, the actor requested his fans to unfollow him if they engage in homophobia, racism, or sexism, stating that he does not condone such behaviour.

First, Rios has called out people who use the term gay as a pejorative, despite the fact that he has not publicly identified as gay or defended his sexuality.

Career Info on Manu Rios

Rios started his career at the age of nine after getting called on the show Cantando en Familia. A year later, he was selected on the program, Tú sí que vales. Manu reached the semi-final phase in the show. The show aired on Telecinco. Manu then starred on a musical TV show Cántame cómo pasó . He also played the role of Gavroche in the internationally known musical Les Miserables in 2010.  The musical was played in Gran Via St, Madrid. Manu is currently in the new Parchis teen band and performed in the 2012 musical Don Pepito


Manu Rios is well known on the social media space, as he has gathered quite a number of fans and online family. He has a self-titled YouTube channel of over 829k subscribers. His cover songs are popular on YouTube. He has over 9 million followers on his Instagram.


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