What Is Mish Michaels Cause of Death?

What Is Mish Michaels Cause Of Death

Who was Mish Michaels?

Mish Michaels was a well-known broadcast meteorologist, author, and environmental reporter from America. She was born in the year 1968 in Kolkata, India. The month and date in which she was born aren’t known so it makes it complicated to know her Zodiac sign and many other kinds of stuff. She earned a B.S. from Cornell and a Master’s at Harvard. She started her career forecasting the weather at WMUR in Manchester. Mish then moved to WHDH and finally to WBZ, she worked from 2001 to 2009. She was known for appearing as a weather presenter for WHDH-TV, WBZ-TV, and The Weather Channel.

What Is Mish Michaels Cause Of Death

Mish Michaels

Mish Michaels Cause of Death

Mish was 53 at the time of her death, and even though WBZ announced the news, the details of her death haven’t been disclosed yet and death has remained equivocal. Mish died on March 16, 2022. Mish dies after being struck by a commuter rail train in Natick. As Mish mysteriously died after being hit by a train, it is being investigated whether her death was a suicide or not.

She was knocked down by a train and died instantly. Her family mourned her and they said she was a friend, daughter, advisor, helper, and aunty to the people she came in contact with. She brightened any room she entered and created opportunities for others in need and was on the other hand a counselor who advises people on the steps to take in any situation. So it is very painful to lose such a good person like that. The police are yet to conclude on her case whether she committed suicide or was pushed onto the path of the train by someone. We are yet to know since the police haven’t come out with their results after the investigations.


After her death, her colleagues at WBZ, meteorologists, and other people from across the country paid their tribute to her and said that she was a very good person and shouldn’t have died in that manner. Her family also came out saying that it was a painful exit for their daughter as she wasn’t expected to die that way. But God knows the best so they thank him for giving them such a fantastic daughter they really enjoyed their time with her and wished she is still there with them but has rather turned the opposite way around. Mish is believed to hit by a train which cause her death the police are still investigating the scene and will be done soon and bring out their results.