What Is Rico Bosco’s Real Name?

Rico Bosco’s Real Name

Rico Bosco’s real name is James Villani, and he is a professional actor and assistant director. Rico has directed movies like, Suspend Time (1995), Solid Island Children (1997), and Employer of Bosses (2001).

What Is Rico Boscos Real Name
Rico Bosco

A Little on Rico Bosco

Rico Bosco used to host a podcast for Barstool sports. Barstool Sports is a digital media firm that specializes in sports and pop culture content.


He was quite a popular host there, and the audience loved him.

Rico’s decision to leave his position as one of Barstool Sports’ top sports betting personalities appeared to be confirmed by Dave Portnoy (Barstool Sports owner).

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that Bosco’s Twitter page still lists him as a member of the Barstool team. A personal message verifying an exit is also missing.


Rico Bosco was born on July 5, and he has not revealed his actual age yet. However, looking at his photos, we assume he is between 40-45 years of age. 

Moreover, Risco Bosco has not revealed his height, and again by assumption, he stands 5.5-5.8 inches tall by looking at his photos. He is also on Instagram as rico_bosco, where he posts daily. Rico has over 25k followers with 362 posts.


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