Stephanie Matto is a YouTube personality who was not only intent on starting her new relationship but is also living with a disease that could have made it difficult to do that.

Who is Stephanie Jarvis?

Stephanie Jarvis is a vlogger and interior design specialist who is getting popularity thanks to the show Escape to the Chateau DIY. She is a regular face on the TV show featuring the renovation and maintenance of the French Chateau that Strawbridge and his partner Adoree bought.

What is Stephanie Jarvis Suffering From?

While Stephanie’s life hasn’t been easy following her diagnosis with aplastic anaemia, it’s something she has managed to deal with thus far. She won’t ever be completely healthy, but she takes a plethora of medications to ensure she maintains as good of health as possible.

If nothing else, she has an even stronger zest for life now. Stephanie was once open about her illness on the show and, since then, has remained candid on YouTube and social media about it. However, some 90 Day Fiancé fans were left wondering what Stephanie’s illness is and how serious it could potentially get.

What Has Stephanie Jarvis Done Regardless of Her Illness?

Despite Stephanie’s illness, she was determined to travel across the world to Australia to meet Erika Owens and see if they could make it work.

While her health didn’t get in the way of that, their clashing personalities did result in their eventual split. Despite living with aplastic anaemia, Stephanie underwent plastic surgery.

Who is Stephanie Jarvis Partner?

Stephanie and Erika were the first same sex couple on ’90 Day Fiancé.’ They both had a lot to live up to as the first same-sex couple in the history of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. After having initially met on social media, though, the real-life meeting was a bit lacking. In the end, Stephanie and Erika didn’t last, but they did pave the way for other same sex couples to become part of the 90 Day Fiancé world, and that’s certainly something.


Stephanie has never been shy about admitting to plastic surgery to her many social media and YouTube followers. In the past, she has had liposuction on her face, Botox, fillers, and breast implants. Then, in March 2021, she revealed that she planned to have parts of her body AirScuplted, which Stephanie explained on social media is a less invasive form of liposuction.

While AirSculpting may not be as dangerous for Stephanie or someone else with aplastic anemia, undergoing breast augmentation did potentially put her in harm’s way.

Most surgeries pose a risk for those living with aplastic anemia, regardless of how serious the procedures are. Therefore, it may not have been the best idea for Stephanie to have gotten breast implants.


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