What Is The Best Heel Height For You?

Many people have different views on high heels. Some people find them graceful and empowering, while others find them painful and unsettling. If you fall into the second category, it may be because you haven’t discovered the ideal heel height for your feet and legs just yet.

Since no two people’s feet are identical, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for selecting the ideal footwear. Keep reading to learn more about our selection of comfy heels, the ideal heel height, and how to assess the heel height of your current shoes.

What Is A Comfortable Heel Height?

Everyone has a different set of foot shapes, shoe types, and levels of comfort when wearing heels, so finding the right height can be a challenge.

Heel heights of about 3 inches (7.5 cm) are typical. Typically, people in this height range stand between five and seven and a half centimetres tall. Wearing a pair of mid-height heels all day long is a good idea because they are classic and comfortable. However, you may find that a lower or higher heel height works better for you.

The standard height for low heels is between 2.5 to 5 centimetres, or 1 to 2 inches. Wearing low heels all day long shouldn’t cause any pain to the balls of your feet because the heel is short enough.

Typically, a pair of high heels will have a heel height of 3 to 4 inches (7.5, 10 cm). These are usually saved for more formal events, such parties or evenings out, because they are a bit more challenging to walk in. Shoe platforms are usually present to provide a little more arch support at heights over this. The best approach to break in a pair of high heels is to start with a lower heel and gradually increase the height as your comfort level increases with each wear.

Only after trying on several pairs of shoes will you be able to determine the optimal heel height for your feet. To keep your feet healthy, switch up your shoe game by wearing flats and heels every so often.

How To Measure Heel Height?

If you own a pair of heels that fit perfectly and would like to purchase several pairs with the same height, measure their height using a ruler or tape measure.

To find out how high your heels are, set your shoe on a level surface. Take a measurement down the back of the heel, starting at the heel’s base and ending at its attachment to the shoe. The accurate height of that heel can be found by measuring it in inches or centimeters.

Our Selection of Comfortable Heels

In order to ensure that your feet are not harmed just to appear nice, it is crucial to select heels that are both fashionable and supportive. No matter what height heel you want, you can be assured that your feet will be comfy all day long thanks to the extra padding in many of our shoes.

Low Heels

Chelsea and ankle boots are two heeled boots that are perfect for those who want a lower heel. These shoes come in a variety of traditional and modern finishes, and they each have a 4cm heel. A pair of heeled sandals, such as the platform sandal, is another great option for the summer days.

Mid Heels

At 2-3 inches, mid heels provide just enough lift without the extensive pain and instability that can come with higher heels. They’re much more comfortable for long days than low wedges or flats too. The mid heel height works with a wide variety of styles from dressy to casual. They blend effortlessly with skinny jeans, sundresses, slacks and more.

High Heels

Pairing gorgeous gowns with stunning heels is such a joy. Whether fancy events, date nights or red carpets, it’s a chance to get creative and sparkle without compromise. High heels subtly shift your body’s alignment in a way that appears slimming and gives the illusion of lengthier legs. The raised heel also adds curve appeal to the calf and bottom.

Wide-Fit Heels

When you have cramped feet from wearing shoes that are too small, you’re likely experiencing heel pain. For this reason, you may choose wide-fit version of numerous of our models, such as Chamaripa’s elevator shoes (also know as men’s high heels), which are available in a “wider” customization option.

Shoes That Add Height For Men And Women

If you want to find shoes that add height, there are some shoe options for both men and women that can help:


For men, elevator shoes sneakily boost height by 2-5 inches with built-in lifts or thicker soles, in options from smart to casual.

Platforms let anyone stand proud with chunky padding boosting posture. Just be sure it suits your balance!

Women adore heels – pumps, wedges, or thick sole sneakers or stilettos sculpt statuesque silhouettes seamlessly.

Looking laidback? Thick-soled sneakers, like wedge heel sneakers lend leisurely lift discreetly.

Or simply upgrade inserts to customize current kicks perfectly.