What is the cost of composite decking installation?

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What exactly is composite decking?

Composite decking is already widely used. Nonetheless, despite being a revolutionary environmentally friendly building material, many people remain baffled by it. Let us now talk about the composite material.

Plastic litter is multiplying in tandem with the decline of forest resources and the growth of society. Following that, composite decking materials appear. Timber fibers and recyclable polymers are combined to create composite decking materials. It solves the issue of plastic garbage generated in our daily lives while also improving forest resource conservation. It helps to protect the environment.

Initially, the composite decking material was only available in gray. As science and technology develop, the color of composite decking gets more brilliant. Furthermore, the diversity of surface wood grain gets closer to the real wood grain surface.

The Advantages of Composite Decking

In contrast to wooden decking, composite decking does not require maintenance activities such as staining or sealing. In contrast to wood decking, composite decking is resistant to splintering and warping. As a result, you will spend less money on maintaining your composite decking, giving you more time to enjoy life.

Composite decking needs little to no upkeep. It has a typical lifespan of at least 25 years, which is much longer than that of a standard wooden veranda.

Composite decking is extremely resistant to moisture and fungi. Composite decking can also be used in locations with high moisture levels, such as around pools.

Termites and other insects are unable to breed within composite decking due to their great insect resistance, hence eliminating the risk of insect bites.

Composite decking is stain and scratch-resistant, as well as very resistant to environmental conditions. When contrasted to wooden decking, it offers a very different experience.

Installing composite decking is simple. It has matching fasteners, a keel, and other components.

Despite a lack of prior construction installation experience. Installing a deck is possible if the manufacturer’s installation requirements are followed. Why not try your hand at DIY for yourself?

Disadvantages of composite decking

The cost of composite decking is slightly greater than the cost of a regular timber deck board. WPC decking costs between $1.80 and $3.50 per square foot.

Although composite decking has a square natural wood grain, a small plastic touch lingers upon closer investigation.

Each individual board will be slightly higher in weight due to the increased density of the composite decking material. Without a doubt, this is a minor issue.

Solid and hollow composite decking

Composite decking will be less expensive due to the lower overall weight of porous composite decking. Hollowing can also be useful for driving the wire for speakers or lighting. Aside from being heavier, solid composite decking is slightly more expensive.

Composite decking is often coated on one side with wood grain and grooves on the other. You are free to use any side you wish. The grooved surface provides greater sliding resistance while also being visually appealing.

Maintenance of composite decking

To extend the life of wooden decking, it must be meticulously maintained. Every two years, it will require sealing, staining, and other complex care. To keep composite decking in good condition, only two cleanings with soap and water are required every year.

Added Decorative Elements

The addition of items other than the deck, such as built-in furnishings, railings, and so on, can raise the cost of composite decking. It is recommended that you carefully evaluate these issues before building an outdoor veranda.

How much does composite decking cost?

Composites are typically far more expensive than traditional building materials. Consumers may save more money by purchasing composite materials. In fact, composite decks eliminate the need for staining, sealing, rotting, and fracturing. Furthermore, composite decks can save thousands of dollars in annual maintenance costs.

Composite decking might cost anything between $9,000 and $25,000. When building a composite deck, four factors must be considered: size, shape, materials, and production costs. The cost of composite decking ranges from $30 to $55 per square foot, not including labor.

The cost of composite decking may rise. Square and rectangular platforms are less expensive since they are easier to produce. A complicated metal framework and joists may be required to build the foundation for round platforms, raising the cost of composite decking.

Decking can be installed by skilled do-it-yourselfers. However, hiring a contractor nearly always saves time and results in a higher-quality composite deck when completed.

Deck prices often peak in the summer when contractors and materials are in high demand; thus, it is best to build in the autumn or spring. Installation and material prices vary depending on factors such as location and design.