What Is The Meaning of Zazu Zeh?

Zazu Zeh is a deep street slang gotten from a viral song by Portable, a controversial Nigerian street singer. The song was released on December 13, 2021, and gained massive popularity all over Nigeria.

The Slang Zazu Zeh happens to be a Portable song’s lyrics with a critical meaning, some say Zazu Zeh means “Are you sure”, while another source says it is all related to extreme street life, crime, sex, juju, and yahoo.

Slang Sentence Usage Sample:


Zazu Zeh, Mu Client Eh Wa Ka Zeh,

On My Way To Ilu Awon Zu,

Awon Omo Olobo Zeh,

Fun Mi Ni Phone Eh Kin Ba Eh Zeh (Give Me Your Phone To Help You, Zeh.

Meaning Of Zazu Zeh In Yoruba.?

Zazu Zeh, according to some Yoruba customary law experts in Nigeria, is a symbol of transition and change. This is because it is the bird that heralds the arrival of rain, which is instrumental in ensuring the growth and sustenance of crops. In general, Zazu zehs are seen as auspicious birds that bring good luck and ensure a smooth journey during important events like weddings and funerals.

is an important cultural symbol in Nigeria. This ancient tradition has been passed down from one generation to the next for centuries. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this symbol and its meaning.

Zazu Zeh. is a religious symbol in Nigeria that is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. It is also known as the Horned God and the Heron King. The legend tells of how Zazu Zeh. saved his kingdom from destruction.


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