What is the Story Behind the Trending Blue Hoodie Girl?

What Is The Story Behind The Blue Hoodie Girl

Who is the Blue Hoodie Girl?

The Blue Hoodie girl who is currently on trend from a viral racist Reddit video is actually a Merrill Lynch employee who got into a heated clash with Managing Director and co-worker, Jim.

Here’s the Full Story on the Blue Hoodie Girl

The Blue Hoodie girl from Fairfield’s Robeks is a salient warrior from Merrill Lynch who stood her ground against a bullying and racist Jim Iannazzo. Jim Iannazzo reportedly called her and her friend’s ignorant High school kids who were destroying the integrity of the place.

The girl confronted the man pitched her strong fighting voice and shattered his mundane trite remarks. The video was shared in the Reddit community where everyone praised the girl for being so pellucid. The senior employee at Merrill, Jim commented harshly on the girl’s immigration status and tried to silence her through racist slurs.

However, the brave little fighter knew that such trite boundaries of societal pitching stand no firm before a sheer will and continuously defended her team. Jim was fired from his job following the racist incident and Merrill Lynch had posted an apology and official statement regarding this.

Who is Jim Iannazzo from Merrill Lynch?

Jim is the man who bashed in the heated confrontation and commented on the blue hoodie girl’s immigration history. His LinkedIn profile shows that he is a Wealth Management Advisor and Managing Director at Merrill.

What Is The Story Behind The Blue Hoodie Girl

Jim Iannazzo

He was a University of Connecticut graduate and specialized in wealth and fund management and financial liquidity of assets.


The Blue Hoodie girl drama spiked in a messy way when Jim Iannozza of Merrill Lynch tried to harshly lambast some high school teenagers at work in the place. He used racist slurs and the immigration status of this naive employee to bash them for their relative work pace and delicacy.

The Blue Hoodie girl then taught him a lesson for being such a pathetic racist. He has since been fired from his job and relegated of any higher post he was previously assigned to.