What Is The True Identity Behind @itsame.yomama?

Who Is @itsame.yomama?

Itsame.Yomama is a TikTok user known for her dancing and hilarious videos. Unfortunately, @itsame.yomama has yet to reveal her true identity. She has, however, requested that her supporters refer to her as Lani. Many people believe her real name is Lani, as well.

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In addition, the social media influencer’s bio includes the name “LaniYoMommy.” Itsame. Until recently, Yomama has kept her age and birthday a secret from her devotees. However, in a video, she said that she was 39 years old.

Is @itsame.yomama On Instagram?


@itsame.yomama, a TikTok star, isn’t on Instagram or Twitter.

She does have a Venmo account, according to her TikTok bio. However, it appears that the social media celebrity does not have an Instagram or Twitter account at this moment.

Nonetheless, she is currently trending on almost every social networking platform. Her TikTok videos are becoming increasingly popular, and more people are becoming informed of her.


Itsame.yomama has kept her boyfriend’s identity a secret. She appears to be quite discreet about her personal life, and she appears to wish to keep her relationship status hidden from the public eye.

We’re trying to discover more about her, despite the fact that we haven’t been able to find specific information on her relationship on various websites. As soon as we receive fresh information about the Yomama relationship, we will update our website.


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