What is There To Know About BruceDropEmOff Current Girlfriend?

What Is There To Know About Brucedropemoff Current Girlfriend

BruceDropEmOff, has made a name for him as a well-known content creator on Twitch and Youtube community. He is known for streaming Grand Theft Auto games and his signature comic blast. Besides, GTA, his Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout streams are also very popular. He is also well known for playing and mastering Minecraft.

He has huge subscribers on Twitch, where he streams very often. Yet, he has left fans curious to know about his girlfriend’s name who occasionally appears on the streams.

Mini Bio on BruceDropEmOff

The birth name of BruceDropEmOff is Bruce Ray Condones. He was born on September 23, 2000, in Riverdale, Georgia. Bruce went to the same high school as his girlfriend, where they met and started dating. Dana is also expected to be the same age as Bruce.

What Is There To Know About Brucedropemoff Current Girlfriend


Besides Twitch, Bruce is also active on Youtube. He has about 327,000 subscribers on the channel. He has collaborated with several other streamers and other famous personalities too. His popularity was boosted during the pandemic lockdown period when he invited Soulja Boy in his stream to play Among Us. Bruce started his twitch account in 2015 and has seen substantial growth in his account ever since. Before that, he was only active in the Youtube scene.

Who is BruceDropEmOff Girlfriend?

Brucecdropemoff lady is an Asian who goes by the name, Dana. He has shown her off often in his streams and videos. Bruce has actually been open about his relationship with his girlfriend. The duo started dating back in high school. They can be seen streaming together from time to time. Her insatgram handle is @trulydana.

What Is There To Know About Brucedropemoff Current Girlfriend

BruceDropEmOff and Girlfriend, Dana


Dana has about 10,000 followers and only 35 posts. While Bruce, whose Instagram handle is @raycondones, has more than 150,000 followers on the platforms. Bruce posts a lot of couple-photos on Instagram showing his utmost love to Dana. The pair’s stream of playing Minecraft together was loved by many fans. It can be seen that Bruce is a huge David Bowie fan, from his Instagram posts. But he also posts random stuff so we cannot be so sure of that.

Bruce actually came into the limelight when he posted a picture with Lil Yachty on his Instagram handle in February 2021. All these hypes and spotlight is beneficial for a streamer which is why he has been able to garner a net worth of more than $10,000. The streamer is now planning to launch his merchandise with the name Condones. He often promotes it and has also made a website for it which is in his Instagram bio.