What Is Tom Selleck’s Sexual Orientation, Is He Gay?

The question on if Tom Selleck is gay has been on the minds of many people. Speculation has run rampant online, with some people insisting that he must be queer even though he’s married and has children!

What Is Tom Sellecks Sexual Orientation Is He Gay
Tom Selleck

Mini Bio On Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck is a famous actor.  He’s from Detroit, Michigan, and was born on January 29, 1947(he’s an Aquarius just like me!) He is of mixed descent including English and German.  His parents are Robert Selleck and Martha Jagger who were both working-class people. He has an older brother named Rob, a sister named Martha, and a younger brother named Daneil.

Is Tom Selleck Gay?


Tom was first accused of being gay.  After filing a lawsuit against the tabloids and winning he was then claimed to be anti-gay.  Like damn, you can’t win with the media!  Tom proved that he wasn’t homophobic by actually playing a gay character in the movie In and Out.  The movie was about a teacher who questioned his sexuality after a comment by a student.  There is even a gay kiss scene where Tom locks lips with another man for more than a minute.  The kiss was so intense that you would’ve thought Tom was gay in real life.

Tom Selleck is not gay. He has been married, and he was noted to have been first married to Jacqueline Ray in the 1970s.  She was also an actress and did modeling.  Jacqueline and Tom met on the tv show Magnum PI.  Tom adopted Jacqueline’s son, Kevin.  Like the case with other celebrities,  fame got in the way of their marriage.  Around 1981 they ended up getting a divorce.  Tom then got with Jillie Mack and they got married.  Tom and Jillie currently reside in California


Unlike many other Hollywood actors, Tom Selleck didn’t grow up acting.  He was actually an athlete.  Tom was nice on the basketball court.  He was such a good basketball player that he received a basketball scholarship to the University of Southern California.   While at that school Tom got into different activities and one of them was modeling and acting.  Tom modeled in order to get the extra coin to pay his tuition.  The acting was something he did for fun.  His drama coach pushed him into acting and since that time Tom has been a phenomenon.



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