What Is Wrong With Paula Newsome Leg? Why Does She Limp?

Who Is Paula Newsome?

Paula Newsome is a well-known American actress who has been in the crime drama CSI: Vegas. Webster University’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts awarded her a bachelor’s degree.

What Is Wrong With Paula Newsome Leg Why Does She Limp
What Is Wrong With Paula Newsome Leg Why Does She Limp

Before arriving in New York City, Newsome developed an interest in acting as a child, performing in the neighborhood theater.

Why Does She Limp When She Walks?


According to some sources, Paula Newsome limps when walking. There is, however, no official news or statement to back up these rumors.

On Twitter, someone asked if she was the only one who believes she walks with a limp.

She could have made a mistake because there is currently no information regarding the actress suffering from any injuries or impairment.

As a result, some of her fans may have assumed she had difficulties walking and speculated on the subject. We can only state she does not have any trouble walking because there are no confirmations from her side.


There is no evidence that Paula Newsome’s limb or health condition is in any way compromised. Her social media posts indicate that she is still alive and well, despite the fact that her most recent post was over a week ago.

Even if supporters believe she is having trouble walking, we have no idea where they saw it. If this is true, it’s very likely that the actress kept her health-related news hidden.


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