You’re Lucky You Don’t Look Like Me”, Mr. Ibu To His Daughter

Famous Nigerian Actor John Ikechukwu Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu has revealed how lucky his daughter is not to look like him.


According to the actor, his daughter is lucky, she doesn’t look like him. Because he thought that if she looked like him, it would not be good for her. The actor shared this animated video, which then went viral on social media, asking his daughter to thank God because she is not like him.



In the video, the actor is having fun with his beautiful lady while making a statement while filming himself. The funny video got a lot of reactions from the internet users who shared their views on the actors’ funny words.

Ibrahimovic has repeatedly said that he knows he is not beautiful in many interviews.

In an interview with Punch magazine, the actor pointed out that when his wife was pregnant, he prayed to God that her children would not look like him because he was not handsome.




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