What Online Payments are Extremely Popular in Canada

Canada has many online payment methods available for everyday needs like paying for services and online shopping, or for gaming and gambling online. Due to the fact that there are many different types of payment services that facilitate Internet payments, and due to the fact that Canada regulates online gaming and gambling, users can even pay to the best 10 dollar minimum deposit casino for real-money bets legally. Money withdrawal from online casinos and gaming platforms is also legal. This post discusses several of the most popular payments in Canada that are accepted by almost any merchant in the country! 

Credit Cards & Debit Cards 

Credit and debit cards are the simplest banking options for quick and safe remunerations online. According to recent stats, Canadians use credit cards more often than debit cards due to various reasons. 

Banks stimulate their customers to use credit cards by offering flexible credit conditions, bonuses, miles, and so on. This is why credit cards often seem more attractive to customers. 

On the other hand, many merchants do not accept credit cards. For example, Internet casinos or mobile gaming BC.Game Download App only allow debit cards for remunerations. This is done to prevent people from paying for games with money they do not own and cannot actually afford to spend. Therefore, most merchants accept Visa and Mastercard cards but one has to check if they accept both debit and credit cards. 


Almost all merchants accept Visa in Canada. These cards can also be used for withdrawing cash in ATMs. Visa allows quick deposits (instant or up to 24 hours) and withdrawals take up to 5 business days. The minimum transaction is 5 CAD and the maximum possible transaction is 20,000 CAD. However, there may be different withdrawal limits for different users depending on their service conditions. 


Mastercard works in Canada almost under the same conditions as Visa. Most Internet shops and services accept Mastercard credit and debit cards alike. Deposits with Mastercard are instant, but withdrawals can take up to 5 business days. The limits of minimum and maximum transactions are from 5 CAD to 20,000 CAD. 

Online Payment Services 

Online payment operators are extremely popular in Canada. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, some people prefer to use debit and credit cards for more “formal” spending or family purchases. Secondly, e-wallets can be used in a more controlled manner because one has to top them up before they can pay with an e-wallet. On the other hand, e-wallets are harder to control and track, in contrast to credit and debit cards which family members can often share. 

Secondly, Visa and Mastercard cards usually do not allow withdrawals from merchants like Internet casinos while e-wallets allow this function. 

And thirdly, e-wallets tend to offer more flexible and advantageous service conditions or introduce features that are more “formal” methods. 


Muchbetter is a completely mobile payment but it is also a convenient online payment service. Muchbetter is very Internet casino-friendly and is allowed for remunerations to mobile gaming apps, video games, and other gaming services. You can also withdraw to Muchbetter e-wallet easily. Muchbetter offers time-based offers depending on the user’s preferences in purchases. 

The deposits are instant, withdrawals can take up to 3 business days, and the service fees are very low. The minimum transaction is 5 CAD and the maximum sum per transaction is 4,500 CAD. 

Apple Pay 

Apple Pay works with all iOS devices and any credit or debit card can be connected to this e-wallet to top it up. Unfortunately, payments and withdrawals to Apple Pay are not allowed, especially if a credit or debit card is connected. The deposits are instant, the limits are from 5 CAD to 5,000 CAD. 

Google Pay 

Google Pay e-wallet is available on Android devices. However, it is also possible to install Google Pay on iOS devices. The remunerations are fast and secure and the fees are very affordable. The minimum and maximum limits are 5 CAD – 5,000 CAD. 

Direct Transfers 

Direct transfers have been seeing more and more popularity in recent years due to extremely convenient service and added safety. 

Direct transfers allow users to pay online for products and services directly from their bank account but without all the banking bureaucracy typical for Canadian banks. Services for direct transfers offer handy interfaces and quick transactions and at the same time, add another layer of security. 

There are several of the most popular direct transfer services in Canada today and more are likely to appear. 


Interac has several services but one of the most popular ones is Interac e-Transfer. It is safe and convenient and allows to send money to anyone within Canada as well as pay for products and services online. The participating bank enables the user to send money directly from the account and get money directly to their account. The transaction limits vary from 1 CAD to 3,000 CAD. 


One has to register an account with Instadebit to use the service and also have an account in a participating bank. The payments are fast, secure, and convenient. To pay, one just has to choose Instadebit from the list of available payments. The deposits are instant but if the user requests a withdrawal from an Internet merchant, it can take up to 3 business days. The transaction limits are 5 CAD to 5,000 CAD. 

Final Thoughts 

Canada keeps developing its Internet payment services and currently is one of the countries with the most developed sector of safe and legal Internet payment systems available for everyday use. This is why there are so many types and varieties of services that facilitate Internet payments.