Who are Zach Edey’s Father, Glen Edey?

Who Are Zach Edeys Father Glen Edey

Who Is Zach Edey?

Zach Edey is a well recognized basket baller who continues to make waves ahead of the NBA draft. The latest mock draft by Bleacher Report has him being selected 54th overall by the Sacramento Kings. It will be an uphill battle as a second-round pick, but Edey’s skill set might allow him to hang around in the league.

Who Are Zach Edeys Father Glen Edey

Zach Edey

Who Are Zach Edey’s Parents?

His mother Julia is a mechanical engineer, but played basketball a lot while growing up. Zach’s father is also a big sports fan.

Zach Edey’s parents raised the college basketball phenom in Canada. The Purdue big man was born in Toronto. His mother is of Chinese descent.


Zach Edey’s parents are big supporters of their son. Throughout his college career, Zach Edey’s parents have always been big supporters of their son’s passion. In fact, his mother has gone above and beyond to help get as many eyes on him as possible.

In his three seasons at Purdue, Julia Edey has been at almost every game. There have also been times when she’s gone the extra mile to get more attention on her son. At times, she has handed out t-shirts to fans in the crowd with his nickname, “The Big Maple,” on them. The name comes from his height and connections to his home country of Canada.

Given how hard she works to garner attention for her son, it’s clear that Zach Edey has a good relationship with his parents.