Who Is Aaron Rupar (Aaron Rupar Twitter), Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Career & Net Worth

Who Is Aaron Rupar (Aaron Rupar Twitter), Here’s are some of the things, we know about Him


Aaron Rupar was born in the US on October 4, 1983. He is a journalist who became well-known for his work as an editor for Vox and his reporting on politics and policy. Between 2016 and 2018, he also served as an associate editor for Think Progress.

Aaron Rupar Career


From September 2007 to May 2010, Rupar pursued his Master’s degree at Minnesota while also working as a teacher assistant there. He started working as a staff writer for Minnesota Premier Publication in December 2010 and kept the position for a full calendar year.

Then, in December 2011, he started working at Voice Media Group as a staff writer, and he left in October 2014. Later, in November 2014, Fox9 hired him to fill the responsibilities of online reporter, social media manager, digital producer, and assignment desk editor, which he retained until April 2015.

Rupar then started serving as the House DFL’s digital media coordinator for the State of Minnesota from April 2015 until February 2016. He created films and graphics, managed the company’s social media accounts, and handled digital media.

He served as an Associate Editor for the Center for American Progress from February 2016 to November 2018. He then got a job at Vox Media Inc. as an Assistant Editor for politics and policy. Later, in September 2021, he quit Vox Media, Inc. to start his own journalism business.

Aaron Rupar Education

In 2006, Aaron Rupar graduated from Hamline University with a degree in political science, government, and philosophy. Rupar stated in an interview with the Hamline Bulletin that Hamline not only gave him a strong foundation for his career in journalism, but also for other professional paths.

He subsequently enrolled at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2007 and earned a Master’s degree in philosophy from there in 2010.

Aaron Rupar Net worth

One of the most well-known, wealthy, and successful journalists in the world, Aaron Rupar is a well-known and well-liked journalist. The net worth is around $2 million, based on our investigation and study of several sources.

Who is Aaron Rupar On Twitter (@atrupar)

Aaron Ruper is a Journalist, who talk about politics on twitter.

Aaron Rupar Twitter
Aaron Rupar Twitter

@atrupar currently has over 787.8K Followers and 379k tweets.

@atrupar follows only 1,854 profiles and uses the handle @atrupar on Twitter. Aaron Rupar has also preserved the real Aaron Rupar profile and cover photo. In April of 2011, he became a member of the platform.

Aaron Rupar Twitter Opinions

Ted Cruz’s family holiday

Around February 2021, Ted Cruz, the Texas senator, was the subject of a political scandal that trended on Twitter. Twitter was swamped with stories detailing Cruz’s family trip to Cancun, Mexico, while his state was dealing with icy roads, outages of electricity and water, and a shortage of food.

Ted Cruz is still blaming his daughters, Rupar wrote in a post on February 19, 2021, that included a snippet of Cruz’s explanation in which he briefly stated that the trip was caused by his daughter’s desires.

On the Atlanta Spa murders

Aaron Long allegedly had a “very awful day” that led to his murder of eight people, including six Asian women, according to a video clip Baker uploaded on Rupar’s page.

Baker was blamed by Rupar’s tweet for praising the white murder suspect. Racism-related charges were levelled as a result of the scenario going viral in the media. Even Baker’s role as the case’s spokesperson was alleged.


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