Who is Actress Dilraba Dilmurat’s Parents?

Who is Dilraba Dilmurat?

Dilraba Dilmurat is a Chinese actress, singer, and model who rose to fame with the popular Chinese TV series ‘Diamond Lover’. After studying acting at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Dilmurat embarked upon an acting career with a debut in the TV series ‘Anarhan’. The series and her character were a hit, and she had many other roles coming her way. Her most popular series in the next couple of years included ‘Legend of the Ancient Sword’, ‘The Backlight of Love’, and ‘Diamond Lover’.

Who Are Dilraba Dilmurat’s Parents?

Dilraba Dilmurat was born on June 3, 1992, in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China. She belongs to the Uyghur ethnic group, which traces its roots to Central Asia and West of China, which also means that her parents are also from that part of the globe. Outside that, Dilraba has always being bothered and concerned about being a public figure and the implication it will have on her parents, who she has always wanted to keep private.

Who Is Actress Dilraba Dilmurats Parents
Actress Dilraba Dilmurat


According to the Chinese actress, the paparazzi should stop attempting to drag her parents into the spotlight. She also stated that she does not reveal her parents’ identities because she wishes to “protect” them. Therefore, there is nothing to be written or said about who her parents are, or where they reside, as she has completely kept them out of the spotlight.


Dilraba Dilmurat won the Audience’s Favorite Newcomer award in 2015 as well. Other successes, such as ‘Hot Girl’, ‘The Ladder of Love’, and ‘Six Doors’ followed in 2016. In 2017, she starred in her most popular film ‘Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice,’ which won her the Best New Actress award. Since then, Dilmurat has never had to look back and has had a steady line of well-performing TV series each year. More recently, she was seen in the hit film ‘Saga of Light’ and the acclaimed drama show ‘The Flame’s Daughter.’ She is currently working on her next TV series ‘Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book’ that is set for release in 2019.


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