Who Is ASAP Rocky’s Sister, Erika B Mayers?

Who Is Asap Rockys Sister Erika B Mayers

ASAP Rocky, officially known as Rakim Athelaston Mayers is a famous American rapper, music producer, and record executive. He is also the current romantic partner of the national celebrity, Rihanna.

Who Is Asap Rockys Sister Erika B Mayers

Asap Rocky and his sister, Erika B Mayers

Who Is Erika B Mayers?

Erika B. Mayers was born and bred in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. She’s best known as the sister of the famous rapper ASAP Rocky.

Erika B Mayers was born to Adrian Mayers (father) and her mother, Renee Black Mayers. Erika’s father hailed from Barbados. He died in 2012 in jail after he was caught selling drugs. She had a rough childhood as her family did not have enough money to be able to afford basic needs. She used to move around a lot with her mother and brother from homeless shelters.

Erika’s brother, Rocky has been rapping since he was 9. He was heavily influenced by their brother, Ricky who was also a rapper before his death.


Erika B Mayers’s brother, ASAP Rocky started off his career at an early age. He was influenced by his elder brother, Ricky. After the death of Ricky, ASAP Rocky released his first single, ‘Purple Swag’ in 2011.

The single helped him gain more popularity, and within a short period of time, he was regarded as a rap sensation. In 2013, he teamed up with Raf Simos to launch his own clothing brand, ASAP. As of 2022, the multifaceted rapper has released 3 studio albums, ‘Long Live ASAP (2013)’, ‘At Long Last (2015)’ and ‘Testing (2018), and has received several awards and nominations.

According to several online reports, Erika B. Mayers reportedly died in after an overdose of drugs in September 2016.