Who is Athlete Trevor Lawrence Only Sister, Olivia Lawrence?

Who is Trevor Lawrence?

Trevor Lawrence is a quarterback with the National Football League’s Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL). He set a school record for quarterback victories and won the 2019 National Championship Game while a freshman at Clemson.

Trevor Lawrence Life as an Athlete

On Clemson’s depth chart, Lawrence started the season behind Kelly Bryant as a freshman but was allowed equal playing time in the first few games.


The Jaguars made him their first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

In 2021, he made his NFL debut against the Houston Texans, losing 37-21 with a rushing yards total of 332, three touchdown passes, and three interceptions. It was Lawrence’s first defeat in a match during the regular season.

Lawrence played against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 4’s Thursday Night Football game, where he also faced Joe Burrow, a potential first-round choice and opponent in the 2020 National Championship Game.

What Do You know About Trevor’s Parent?

Trevor’s Father’s name is Jeremy Lawrence, and his mother’s name is Amanda Lawrence. They both Christians who are proud and happy parents of three children.

As a child, Trevor used to sit on his father’s lap and watch SEC football with him, and this experience had a significant impact on his career. His Father, Jeremy, is the environmental and safety manager at Gerdau.

Referring to his mother, Amanda continuously encourages and supports him. She works as a nurse at the Harbin Clinic. The footballer became interested in the sport as he grew older and widely played in the backyard of his House.

Who is Trevor Lawrence Sister?

Trevor Lawrence has two siblings, an older brother named Chase Lawrence and a younger sister named Olivia Lawrence. The three siblings share a very close bond.

Chase Lawrence is the elder brother of Trevor Lawrence. The main difference between Chase’s and Trevor’s appearances is that Chase has a hipster appearance, whereas Trevor is clean-shaven. While being a few feet shorter than Trevor, Chase has a similar facial structure to Trevor. Chase has completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is a very talented artist specializing in oil paintings and sculptures.

Olivia Lawrence, Trevor Lawrence’s younger sister, is the youngest of Amanda and Jeremy Lawrence’s children. Both her brothers are incredibly talented in their respective fields and have settled down with their wives while they build their careers.

Olivia and Trevor share a sweet bond, as the youngster regularly appeared in her brother’s social media posts. Born into a family of strong Catholic faith, he supported one of her classmates when he suffered a life-threatening medical condition.

Trevor Lawrence Siblings
Trevor Lawrence with his mother and siblings

Despite being the family’s baby, Olivia Lawrence, the youngest of two much older brothers, is very attached to all family members.

Mini Bio on Olivia Lawrence

Olivia was born in Cartersville, Georgia, in June 2011. Trevor was eleven at the time and has been described as someone who was “always great with babies.” Since his mom witnessed the “pure joy” on his face when he first saw Olivia, the pair have grown quite close. Olivia even attended his games in high school, as his older Instagram posts suggested.

How Good is Trevor to His Sister, Olivia Lawrence?

Trevor is known to be extremely close and good to his sister, that he once went out of his way to help her classmate.

Olivia attended Cartersville Primary School alongside a boy named Brody Parker. Brody was one of Trevor’s biggest fans; his dad even kept a photo of him and the Jaguars’ teammate slapping hands as he was about to leave for the state championship game in 2016.

In June 2019, Brody suffered heart failure, which led to a stroke that paralyzed the right side of his body. Doctors installed a device in his heart via open-heart surgery to keep him alive while they waited for a donor for his transplant.

As Olivia’s classmate, the news of Brody’s condition reached her brother Trevor, who was studying at Clemson University. He recorded a video for the then-9-year-old, encouraging him to keep fighting and telling him that he was proud.

Trevor also went the extra mile, driving with Olivia and their mom to visit Brody a month into his stay at the hospital. Brody has been undergoing rehabilitation, and Trevor told him how proud he was of his progress.

They took pictures together, and afterward, Trevor knelt by Brody’s bed and prayed with him. Danny and Courtney were beyond grateful for Trevor’s moving gesture to support Olivia’s classmate. After nearly two months in the hospital, their son received his new heart and returned home to recover.

Trevor Lawrence Siblings
Trevor Lawrence with his parents


Olivia Lawrence is very close with both her brothers, especially Trevor, with whom she often spends her time. Her eldest sibling, Chase, is five years older than Trevor and works as a painter and sculptor. He graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree alongside his wife, Brooke. Trevor is also married to a lady named Marissa Mowry.

Olivia – humorously known as “the Boss of the house” – frequently appeared on Trevor’s Instagram page, with sweet posts dating back to 2015, when the NFL star was presumably in high school. In August 2015, he shared a photo of a four-year-old Olivia clinging to his leg while he spoke to a friend.

Months later, the protective brother posed with the youngster, who wore an adorable all-pink outfit with a tutu. The following year in May, Olivia sat comfortably on her brother’s lap while they enjoyed an evening on the beach with Chase and some friends.


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