Who Is Bianca Beets And What Has Become Of Her?

Who Is Bianca Beets And What Has Become Of Her

Who Is Bianca Beets and What Has Happened To Her?

Bianca is the 2nd daughter of Tony Beets, but she is the only child of Tony Beets, who has refrained from actively taking part in their family mining business. She has 2 brothers – Mike Beets and Kevin Beets and a sister Monica Beets.

Who Is Bianca Beets And What Has Become Of Her

Bianca Beets Father, Tony Beets

Tony Beets is a Klondike Kingpin on Gold Rush. Season 13 of Gold Rush, which premiered on September 30, showed Tony Beets taking grave decisions involving his children’s lives. Those who have frequented the show will know that Tony Beets daughter Bianca has not appeared on the show, making people wonder what happened to Tony Beets daughter Bianca.

Why Was Bianca Beets Not On Gold Rush?

Fans of Gold Rush have always wondered what happened to Tony Beets daughter Bianca, and why was Bianca Beets not on Gold Rush. Monica Beets had once on her instagram posted that Bianca is a private person who does not wish to be filmed, which could be the reason why Bianca Beets is not on Gold Rush. Although Bianca refrained from being a part of her family business, she appeared on Gold Rush, making her a public figure from a young age. Tony Beets and Minie Beets, according to Themarketactivity had one of the best love stories where they had been in love from childhood when Tony Beets moved next door to Minnie. Despite it being more than 3 decades, their love for one another has not diminished.


Bianca Beets is believed to currently be in Canada and that she had tried various businesses, which is why she did not want to be a part of their family business of Mining.