Who is Chad Ehlers First Wife? Here’s all There is To Know About Her

Chad Ehler is one of the leading TikTokers and is the founder of The Chad Change, a platform where numerous influencers work together to promote positivity in the community. Chad Ehler got married to the love of his life who he later lost to a depressed suicide.

Who is Chad Ehler?

Chad Ehlers who is well known as Da_Chad was born on 11 November 1983. He is an American social media influencer, motivational leader, inspirational speaker, humanitarian, and nurse. Da_Chad is recognized as one of the leading TikTokers and is the founder of The Chad Change, a platform where numerous influencers work together to promote positivity in the community.


Ehlers is the recipient of the Top scholar Genius award and was even presented with the title of a Golden Glove. Up until now, he has secured over 800k followers on TikTok, having over 15 million likes. He has been featured in several media outlets for his contribution to society, such as Influencive, Forbes, The American Reporter, NY Weekly, US Times Now, LA Wire, and others.

Who is Chad Ehler’s First Wife?

Chad Ehlers first wife’s name is who woman who has been private from public notice. She suffered from acute depression and finally killed herself. Chad and Chad Ehlers first wife met in a nursing school. Nursing is a challenging career and that’s what affected Chad Ehers’ first wife’s mental health. She could not find any other way to deal with the chronic depression that came along with her designated duty.

As a result of this suffering, she decided to take her life. Needless to say, Chad Ehler was devastated after the tragic incident. He stated that “I struggled with my bouts of depression and alcoholism to deal with her passing at such a young age.”

Who is Chad Ehler’s Oldest Daughter from His First Wife?

The name of Chad Ehler’s oldest daughter from his first wife is Kyra Ehlers. After Chad Ehlers first wife passed away, he was left as a single father and brought her up. Kyra Ehlers actual age is unrevealed.

Chad Ehlers has another daughter named Mia who is 2 years old and fighting cancer. Chad Ehlers had Mia with his second wife. Chad Ehlers motivated many people by telling her daughter’s story of fighting cancer at such a young age to save lives as much as possible.

After the two incidents of the passing of Chad Ehlers first wife and Mia’s cancer, he became a motivational speaker and a social media influencer. He helps raise money for different charities and one of them being Erlanger Children’s hospital.


Chad Ehlers married Ruslana Ehlers after coping with his first wife. Chad and his second wife had a daughter named Mia Ehler. However, Chad and Ruslana have already divorced.

After their divorce, Chad is again left alone with his two children. He is trying his best to make Mia healthy and out of the dangerous disease.

In addition, Chad also had several articles published in New York Weekly, The US News, Entertainment Monthly, American Reporter, KIVO Daily, and Los Angeles WIire, CelebPie.

The motivational speaker went to Miami, Florida in November 2020 for a charity event for his little girl Mia. From there he went to Foley, Alabama, and found more positive influencers and had a “Friendsgiving” and also spread love and positive vibes.


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