Who Is Comedian Rico Bosco Con Wife?

Who Is Rico Bosco Con Wife

Who is Rico Bosco?

Rico Bosco is the pseudonym of a popular personality for Barstool Sports who was suspended after being accused of throwing a High Noon can in the office. Video captured part of the confrontation.

Who Is Rico Bosco Con Wife

Rico Bosco in a Comedy Club

Who is Rico Bosco’s Wife?

Of a truth Rico is married but the identity of his wife is currently off record. Though there was once an incident that almost collided Rico against his wife.

What Happened Between Rico Bosco and His Wife?

Users on Reddit say that it seems that the burner account was tweeting things at Cons wife, and it put Cons in a negative light and was also trying to create enmity between him and his significant other. This is only a discussion on Reddit. However, what really happened is not revealed.


Rico Bosco is now back. After receiving a job with Audacy, Rico has changed his mind and will return to Barstool, says Vendetta Sports Media. Big Cat and Dave Portnoy welcomed him back in the newest episode of the Pick Em Pod. Not everyone is delighted about Rico Bosco returning. Kirk said Barstool was nuts for bringing him back.