Who is Dandapani and What Is There to Know About His Wife?

Who Is Dandapani And What Is There To Know About His Wife

Dandapani is actually a well-recognized figure in India. He is a businessman, motivational speaker, and priest, he is known for his insights into spirituality. As a young graduate of Electrical Engineering, he had a bustling career in front of him, but he left it all to become a monk.

Who is Dandapani’s Wife?

True to the fact, there is little to nothing known about his wife. Dandapani have kept her personality and all it entails far from the media’s knowledge. There is nothing public about her, outside the fact that she lives with her husband, Dandapani in New York and they have a daughter together. Outside these, there is no information about his wife, for even her very name is yet unknown.

Who Is Dandapani And What Is There To Know About His Wife

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Dandapani’s Call into Spirituality

Dandapani is now a former monk, but before then, he went to a Hindu temple in Hawaii and took up tutelage under Guru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, after spending a decade in strict discipline, his vows expired, and he ventured out into the world and applied his skills as an entrepreneur. 


According to LinkedIn, he is the director of Dandapani LLC, a US-based company that he founded and runs, as he also lives in Queens County, New York. Apart from his executive position at the foundation, he is also a motivational speaker who has given speeches in Ted and TedX talks.

In addition to this, he also has an online course and some books. He has used his experience as a former monk in his motivational speeches and books. He is also a spiritual leader and believes in Eastern and Hindu philosophies.

The entrepreneur and his wife have a 33-acre spiritual sanctuary and botanical garden. They use this Costa Rica facility as part of their spiritual mission. He also has a lot of international clients and some multinational companies.