Who is DJ Shipley Wife?

Who is DJ Shipley?

Danny Dietz Shipley is an expired Navy Seal. He was renowned for forfeiting his own life to secure the opportunity of individuals. As of late, an occasion called “A Night For Our Veterans” was held for helping the Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Foundation. His wife’s name is Patsy Dietz-Shipley.

Who is Patsy Dietz Shipley?

Patsy Dietz-Shipley is the spouse of DJ Shipley. Patsy is a mature woman in her 40s. She celebrates her birthday every September. Patsy and Shipley are parent to two youthful and cute little girls as of now. Her first spouse was a Navy SEAL, who was killed during Operation RedWings on 28 June 2005.


Patsy and DJ got hitched in the year 2009 and have been together since the time then, at that point. Patsy’s folks-in-law are called Don and Diane Shipley. It is observed that Patsy comes from a law authorization family too as her dad likewise was involved as a Navy SEAL. She was respected with the 2004 Deployment of the GW plane carrying warship.


Patsy Dietz-Shipley can be seen on Instagram as @patsy_leveque. There is additionally a connection accessible on her Instagram bio, which diverts us to Danny Dietz Memorial Page. She has a visibility on Facebook where she shares and makes posts relating to the Navy. Patsy never allows the world to fail to remember the penances made by her expired spouse and furthermore the youthful Navy troops.


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