Who is Dominic Fike, Does He Have A Daughter As Rumored?

Who is Dominic Fike?

Dominic David Fike is a vocalist, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, and entertainer from the United States. He started playing the guitar at ten years old, having been born and raised in Naples, Florida. Fike rose to unmistakable quality in the wake of transferring various hit tracks to the site SoundCloud.

Who Is Dominic Fike Does He Have A Daughter As Rumored
Dominic Fike

Does Dominic Fike Have A Daughter As Assumed?

It doesn’t appear Dominic Fike has a girl, as no news has been accounted for about him having kids.


Bits of gossip about his little girl began after his music video of his tune Cancel Me was delivered. In the video, he was with an ideal kid who was believed to be his girl.

Be that as it may, the bits of gossip disappeared inevitably as she was perceived as his younger sibling.

Fike has a tattoo of the Apple logo all over. The tattoo was a recognition for his Apple-named sister. The tattoo fills in as a token of “what he’s battling for.”


Dominic Fike’s mother had addictions to drugs, and his dad was never present in his youth. Fike is of Filipino, African-American, and Haitian beginning and grew up with a more youthful brother, Alex, a sister, Apollonia, and a more established brother, Sean. Fike enjoyed Jack Johnson, Blink-182, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

By the age of 10, he had bought a guitar and had figured out how to play the Chili Peppers’ riff on it. Fike noticed that as an adolescent, he and his kin needed to care for one another in light of the fact that his folks were continually away from his life.

Fike’s mom was in and out of prison during his childhood, and he needed to dwell in a few houses, including those of his senior brother, family members, or guardians’ colleagues.


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