Who is Dr. Giovanni Quintella and What is His Legal Charge with Pregnant Women Undergoing C-Section?

Who Is Dr Giovanni Quintella And What Is His Obsession With Pregnant Women Undergoing C Section

Who is Dr. Giovanni Quintella?

Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is a 32-year-old anaesthetist who practices in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He is alleged to have been caught on camera raping a pregnant woman who was undergoing a C-section in the facility he practiced at.

Was Dr. Giovanni Caught in the Act?

Yes, he was. Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is said to have been just a meter away from his colleagues whilst perpetuating this unethical act for about 10 minutes on the pregnant woman he had heavily sedated during a C-section.  Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra has been arrested with an imminent investigation pending. His colleagues are said to have been suspicious of him upon seeing him administer large quantities of sedatives to pregnant women hence causing them to prompt the police.

The employees of the facility subsequently changed the delivery room to another room so as to be able to capture him in the act for evidence.

Who Is Dr Giovanni Quintella And What Is His Obsession With Pregnant Women Undergoing C Section

                                                                        Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra

To conduct the alleged act, Bezerra positioned himself at the woman’s head as surgeons began work on delivering the baby. The team, working only feet away from him, was unable to see the patient from the neck up. The alleged rape lasted for 10 minutes.

At the end of the alleged attack, Bezerra was also recorded cleaning the woman’s mouth with gauze. On Monday, the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rio de Janeiro launched an internal inquiry and opened proceedings to expel the medic.

“This behavior, in addition to deserving our repudiation, constitutes a crime, which must be punished in accordance with the legislation in force,” the public agency said in a statement.

The Health Foundation of the state of Rio de Janeiro has since issued a communique that it has launched an investigation to ascertain the circumstances under which this criminal act occurred. Full support is being rendered to the victim and her family.

Dr. Giovanni Quintella’s Arrest Over the Alleged Assault

Brazilian anaesthetist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was arrested on July 10 on suspicion of rape after he allegedly assaulted a patient during a C-section surgery.

The arrest comes after Bezerra’s colleagues became suspicious of the number of drugs he’d given to patients during two surgeries.

The anaesthetist is currently being investigated on allegations of six assaults.

The 32-year-old healthcare professional works at the Hospital da Mulher in São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, and completed his training in anaesthesia two months ago, the outlet adds.


Brazilian anaesthetist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra has been arrested over allegations of a sexual assault on a woman while she was sedated during C-section surgery, The Daily Mail reports.

The 32-year-old was arrested in Rio de Janeiro after he was allegedly filmed assaulting a sedated patient during surgery.

Bezerra is currently under investigation and has made no admission of guilt, although the Daily Mail reports other women have come forward with allegations.