Who is Dylan Macdonald?

Dylan Macdonald is the only son and child of Norm Macdonald and Connie Vaillancourt. The couple got married in 1988 and separated in 1999.

Mini Bio on Dylan Macdonald

Dylan Macdonald, son of the Canadian actor Norm Macdonald and his ex-wife, Connie Vaillancourt, was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States on the 28th of October 1992. Thus, he is now 29 years old. He seemed to take after his father and was involved in a few comedy sketches on his YouTube channel, 3rd Triumvirate.


Dylan came to be known as Norm’s son after appearing with his father on The Tom Green Show in 2013; other productions that he was a part of include Leaving Town (2005), Nara (2008), and Love/Infatuation (2010). Unlike his superstar father, Dylan appears to be a calm and timid person.

Who Is Dylan Macdonald
Dylan Macdonald

Does Dylan Macdonald Hold a Strong Online Presence?

No, he does not. He neither has an active Instagram account nor is he present on Twitter.

Dylan’s Facebook account has been inactive since 2015. He last updated his display picture nearly five years ago, in which he’s seen posing with his father Norm and an elderly woman, who appears to be his grandmother.

But he came to be known as Norm’s son after appearing with his father on Tom Green’s show in 2013. Click here to watch the entire video.

What Does Dylan Macdonald Do?

Dylan seems to have followed in the footsteps of his comedian father.

While Dylan’s Facebook account shows he worked at TheLead, he was a part of a YouTube channel run by him and his friends.

The channel called 3rd Triumvirate mainly showcased comedy sketches and came with different segments. You can find more videos with titles such as Spelling Bee, Idiot Savant and others along with a few bloopers and Q&A with fans.

He and his friends are seen talking about a range of topics in their videos as they joke about the same. But the channel doesn’t seem to be active anymore as the last video was uploaded six years ago.

It isn’t clear if Dylan is still pursuing a career in comedy or if he’s in a different field of work.

Is Dylan Macdonald’s Father Still Alive?

No, he is not. The comedy star died on the 14th of September 2021 after suffering from cancer for nine years, and he was 61 years old back then.

Who Is Dylan Macdonald
Norm Macdonald

Norm Macdonald was a beloved host on the popular sketch show, Saturday Night Live for 5 years. Norm had been battling cancer for nine years and passed away at the age of 61.

Norm lived a very private life and hardly had a social media presence, and we have seen that Dylan lives the same existence. His YouTube channel has not been updated in six years, and his Instagram account is private, with only 219 followers and 77 posts.


Dylan started a YouTube channel with some of his friends called 3rd Triumvirate. The show mainly showcased comedy sketches and had different segments. Some of the titles of the videos include Spelling Bee and Idiot Savant, and some videos feature bloopers and Q&A with fans. He and his friends are seen talking and joking about a range of topics in their videos. The channel does not appear to be active anymore, and the last video was uploaded over six years ago.


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