Who Is Fernando Del Solar Son, Luciano Cacciamani Coronado?

Who Is Fernando Del Solar Son Luciano Cacciamani Coronado

Who is Fernando Del Solar

Fernando del Solar, an accomplished actor, host, and model from Argentina, was born on April 5, 1973. He is well known for his roles in Mexican TV series and films. Top Models, a replacement for Love, and other of his popular TV programs are just a few. I must, however, inform you with great sadness that this legendary actor is no longer with us. While residing in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, on June 30, 2022, he passed away.

Who Is Fernando Del Solar Son Luciano Cacciamani Coronado

Fernando Del Solar and his boys

Who is Luciano Cacciamani Coronado

Fernando’s first kid and son is Luciano Cacciamani Coronado. He was born on December 19, 2008, making him 13 years old as of right now. His 14th birthday will be observed on December 19, 2022.


Prior to Fernando‘s death, he had been identified as having Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a deadly kind of cancer that grows in the body’s white blood cells. But Fernando was able to advance in his life at that point after receiving his initial cancer diagnosis.

Due to Cancer, Fernando dealt with life complications of depression and was even heard by a close one saying that he wants to die. Due to his cancer diagnosis, he got divorced from his first wife Ingrid Coronado.