Who is Jamal Musiala Mother, Carolin Musiala?

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Jamal Musiala is a German Star Player who got the chance to play his first world cup from Germany in Qatar World Cup 2022.

Who is Jamal Musiala?

Jamal Musiala is a Nigerian who was born in Stuttgart, Germany to a British-Nigerian father, Daniel Richard and a German mother, Carolin Musiala. Jamal and his family moved to England from Fulda, after Jamal was 7 years old to continue his childhood education. Jamal Musiala was said to have attended the Corpus Christi primary school in New Malden. He furthered his education at the secondary level at Whitgift school in Croydon. He later joined the Chelsea academy.

Who is Jamal Musiala’s Mother?

Mum Carolin Musiala is a German citizen of Polish and English descent. She is quite educated, as she is recorded to hold a Bachelor’s in social science. Carolin also has a degree in sociology from the University of Southampton and got her master’s degree from Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Here’s A Little on Jamal Musiala’s Family

Jamal’s parent first met in Germany, after which they tied the know in early 2000, and it has been a happy marriage. Carolin was in Poland, and destiny brought the couple together as she had just migrated to Germany, where the couple met. The couple spent time in Stuttgart after their marriage. They were blessed with three kids, and their names are Jerrell Musiala, Jamal, and Latisha Musiala.


Jamal Musiala represented both Germany and England at the youth level and eventually pledged his allegiance to the Germany national team for future games in February 2021, representing the side at UEFA Euro 2020.

Jamal’s father, Daniel Richard, who comes from a community called Yoruba in Nigerian has played a massive role in his son’s success. Jamal’s mother once got a golden chance to apply for the Erasmus program and was selected. It was a student exchange program with the University of Southhampton.

Jamal first problem stuck out when his family alongside himself moved to Fulda. In an interview, he told the public that he did not know English and had to learn the language, for he could only communicate emotionally. He said that he could only read gestures and smile during his initial days in England.