Who is Jonathan Davis Son, Pirate Howsmon Davis

Who Is Jonathan Davis Son Pirate Howsmon Davis

Who is Jonathan Davis?

Jonathan Davis is an American singer best known as the lead vocalist of a renowned metal band called Korn. He is a renowned metal singer who has been ruling the nu-metal genre for several years now. Davis and his band have sold about 40 million albums worldwide. He also won two Grammy Awards out of eight nominations throughout his career.

Jonathan has been in the music industry for a long time, and he also specializes as a songwriter and a musician. His band is considered a pioneering act of the nu-metal genre. Davis is the co-founder of the band Korn after leaving two of his previous bands named Sexart and L.A.P.D. He is a family guy and often loves to visit his kids whenever he is not working. 

Meet Jonathan Davis Son, Pirate

Jonathan Davis is the father of three kids. His children names are Pirate Howsmon Davis, Zeppelin Howsmon Davis, and Nathan Howsmon Davis.

Pirate is presently 17 years old, and Zeppelin is currently 15 years old. Both Zeppelin and Pirate are still in school. Pirate and Zeppelin were both born to Jonathan and Deven Davis, while Nathan is born of a different mother, Renee Perez. Nathan being the eldest of them all is currently 27 years old, and an E.D.M. artist based in California, United States. 


Pirate father, Jonathan Davis is an American singer, composer, and musician best known as a lead vocalist and frontman of a metal band called Korn. He has been currently seen with his new mystery girlfriend. However, Jonathan has not confirmed the identity of his new girlfriend. He posted a picture with his new girlfriend and captioned it “I love you, Bee, you’re my everything” with hearts. But he did not tag anyone in the picture, so we cannot find the identity of his girlfriend.