Who is Jude Bellingham’s Girlfriend, Asantewa Chitty?

Who Is Jude Bellinghams Girlfriend Asantewa Chitty

Asantewa Chitty is Jude Bellingham’s 22-year-old modeling partner, Asantewa Chitty. She is also an influencer who enjoys a huge following on social media, where she has around 100,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok and 2.3 million likes on her TikTok posts.

Who Is Jude Bellinghams Girlfriend Asantewa Chitty

Asantewa Chitty

How Did Their Relationship Start?

The relationship between the two began in 2022 and, in fact, the model travelled to the World Cup in Qatar to see the new white footballer play in person. Meanwhile, British media reports claim that the relationship between Chitty and the footballer is at an early stage, although everything seems to be on the right track. Both are excited and excited and there are no reports that they are going through any rough patches.


Chitty studied at the UK State University and, according to her social media profile, is interested in art. In addition, the influencer gives her followers styling and make-up tips. However, a quick glance at her Instagram accounts shows that she doesn’t advertise her private life.

Therefore, there are no photos with Real Madrid’s new footballer, Bellingham. The player does not include any images with his partner on his social networks either. This suggests that, at least for the moment, neither of them wants to accelerate the relationship or, at least, both are keeping a discreet profile in these matters.