Jaskaran Singh, famous as Karan” Aujla is an Indo-Canadian singer, rapper and songwriter. He is known for his numerous tracks which were included in UK Asian chart by Official Charts Company, while seven have featured in the Global YouTube music chart. His debut album BTFU peaked at 20th on Billboard Canadian Albums chart and 34th on New Zealand albums chart, earning him the title of the Largest Digital Artist 2021 on Spotify and had been listed in their Most Popular Artists in Punjabi Music Industry.

Hailing from Ghurala, Ludhiana, Aujla started his career as lyricist for Jassi Gill’s “Range”, from his album Replay. Then he emigrated to Canada and wrote lyrics for various other artists including Deep Jandu and Elly Mangat. In 2016, he released his debut song “Property of Punjab” as a lead artist and started featuring as guest artist in songs. He came into limelight with his tracks like “Yaarian Ch Fikk”, “Unity”, “Alcohol 2”, and “Lafaafe”; subsequently he achieved mainstream popularity in 2018 with “Don’t Worry”, his first song to enter UK Asian chart. In 2020, his singles “Jhanjar”, “Red Eyes” and “Kya Baat Aa” entered top 10 in the chart, while “So Far” entered top 5.

Who Is Karan Aujla Parents And What Can We Say About Them
Karan Aujla and his father when he was younger.

Who is Karan Aujla’s Parents?

Aujla hails from Ghurala village in Ludhiana district of Punjab. He was born as Jaskaran Singh Aujla on 18 January 1997 to father Balwinder Singh Aujla and Mother Rajinder Kaur. His parents died when he was nine years old. He was raised by his sisters and uncle after his parents died. Aujla’s father, Balwinder Singh Aujla, worked at co-operative society, and he also had writing as a hobby. Thereafter he started writing songs. While studying in 9th standard, Aujla met Jassi Gill in a marriage ceremony and offered him the lyrics of the song Range, which Gill sang and became popular. Aujla received his Canadian permanent residency and emigrated there. He did his high school studies in Burnaby, Canada. Also, he worked part time as a longshoreman in Surrey, British Columbia. His debut song “Cell Phone” with Mac Benipal was released in 2014, it was a commercial failure, and had just a few thousand views. In Canada, he started working with Deep Jandu in his studio at Toronto.


Aujla had a rivalry with Sidhu Moose Wala. Both had been replying to each other through their songs. Both the artists have been criticised for songs promoting violence. Elly Mangat, who has previously worked with both the artists disclosed in an interview that the dispute between both began when Sidhu’s video targeting Aujla in his song was leaked to Aujla’s management, and they threatened attacking Sidhu. Following the incident, both started targeting each other on social media. The rivalry was resolved temporarily till Karan Aujla released a diss-track “Lafaafe”, followed by Moose Wala’s “Warning Shots”. Aujla in an interview stated that he didn’t write the track “Lafaafe” and didn’t reveal anything about their rivalry. After Moose Wala’s death, Aujla paid tribute with the song “Maa”.


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